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White to play and win

Capablanca's Endgame Study was published on "Lasker Chess Magazine" in 1908 (90 years ago!). This is the unique endgame study composed by the world champion.

Panov, in his book "Capablanca" (published in SSSR in 1957), tells us a story: In 1936, on the Moscow International Tournament, someone asked Capablanca why if he played very well the endings he didn't composed an endgame study. He answered when he was young he composed an endgame study so difficult that anyone couldn't find out the solution and he gave up the idea of endgame compositions. The idea of finding out a solution in 24 moves shows the difficulty of the solution - that's Panov's conclusion. [Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr.]

Submitted by Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jϊnior

(White: Kd3, Rb1, Ne3. Black: Ka4, Rh7, c5, c6, f6, g3, g4, g5, g6.)


White to move and win